“You must remember you all are dealing with people’s lives. Everything you do must with precaution and in perfect steps. In reality work life, no mistake is allowed. Later you’ll find how’s important what I’m saying about”

A warm reminder

It’s a good advice that wakes me up. This week we have the clinic practical and prostho lab every day. Tiring but it excites me up! Yaa..True...Feel stress when it comes to time handling the sophisticated, ‘hundred-button’ dental devices and machines. Stress added up when I was being (for some kind of misunderstand- natural thing kot =p)

However, after 1 year in dental program I start to see this field in many aspects and views. Dental practitioner is not only people who frighten me up with sharp dental instruments like what Mr. Bean has imagined. Instead, they carry a nice job. (….self-promotion loh!). For me, being a dentist practitioner is not only about practicing medical science; but also applying arts and sometimes I feel like a technician... everything is mixed up! Cendol pulut tapai I guest la. Heh

First rule that I learn for being a good dental practitioner is TO ALWAYS TAKE GOOD CARE ABOUT CLEANLINESS...(Actually for all health worker =p)… everything must be disinfected, at most of the time, and in most of your move! At first, I really ‘kekok’ to do all this simple2 thing…like wash my hand regularly with 7 step hand washing and in correct technique.. Really something! Hehe but the reason behind it makes me enforce myself to make it as habit.

One of my lecturer says “you must really take good care of the cleanliness… what will you answer later to Allah if the patient got sick because of your carelessness?”


What shud I say?

‘If it is because of my carelessness…’

Other than that, there are many2 rules that I must stick to as the condition to be a good dental practitioner… and I.A within 5 years I’ll grad as a dental practitioner.

Uh. Boring .Let’s changed the story.

Um..let say…



Of course I must learn to be a good Muslim, practice the rules and make them as habit!

What are the rules?

Of course…Al- Quran, hadith

Yet, by hook or by crook if I want to ‘grad’ as a good Muslim I must do enforce myself to follow all the rules (mujahadah kot!)


If not doing so?

Pikir la sendiri! Huh

apa lagi nak dikata...

p/s: gambar2 yg bkenaan tak dapat nak transfer. aii...sabarr

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